management's  INNOVATIveness 


on the Innovation of Management


  The Platform of

Agile Management

and the program to install it

The platform of agile management

and the program to install it

and the program to install it

Back in the 80s, a visionary Peter Drucker wrote about « Managing in turbulent times ». Now, the Internet Revolution has created really disruptive turbulent times, and that may require, beyond managing well, also managing differently in order to avoid being « Uberized ».

 The children of the Internet Revolution are innovative at their core. The traditional organizations have also innovated, but mainly on their supply-chain, while internally, the core their management-system has remained trapped in traditional tenets and techniques.

 Increasingly, business-leaders launch programs of the innovation of management. However, 70% of them turn out to be disappointing or even disastrous and this largely because they are conceived and implemented with a traditional approach.

To innovate management innovation « The Platform of Agile Management » takes a non-traditional approach akin to « The Agile Manifesto ». To check it out, click on <The Executive Summary>