The Platform of

Agile Management

and the program to install it

Back in the 80s, a visionary Peter Drucker wrote about « Managing in turbulent times ». Now, the Internet Revolution has created really disruptive turbulent times, and that may require, beyond managing well, also managing differently in order to avoid being « Uberized ».

 The children of the Internet Revolution are innovative at their core. The traditional organizations have also innovated, but mainly on their supply-chain, while internally, the core their management-system has remained trapped in traditional tenets and techniques.

 Increasingly, business-leaders launch programs of the innovation of management. However, 70% of them turn out to be disappointing or even disastrous and this largely because they are conceived and implemented with a traditional approach.

To innovate management innovation « The Platform of Agile Management » takes a non-traditional approach akin to « The Agile Manifesto ». To check it out, click on <The Executive Summary>

The platform of agile management

and the program to install it

on the Innovation of Management


and the program to install it

management's  INNOVATIveness