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The Innovative Enterprise (Chinese Edition) Beijing Xingshengle 2016, endorsed as follows :

Ren Zhenfei, President of Huawei: “The unopened organization should die sooner or later”

Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of Lenovo: “It's hard to transform. We can leave the work to someone who can if we can't overthrow ourselves”.

Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier: “In the Internet time, no matter what management methods have been chosen, they at least solve two problems: one is getting an open platform, and the other is to depart from the traditional management levels”.

Prof. Gilbert Probst, Member of Management Committee, World Economic Forum: “All his life Willy Sussland practiced a systemic approach to planning, strategy and innovation. He connects the dots, combines approaches and ideas, but more so he highlights the role of the people in a system of innovation and of development.”

The Innovative enterprise (Second Edition), CreateSpace 2014

Companies can boost their management with IT systems, with cloud computing, with artificial intelligence. But, if their management remains corrupted at its core by traditional tenets, all sorts of strategic and organizational dysfunctions will handicap the organization. Then, it behooves the leadership to transform their management, and to establish an innovative networking enterprise. To this effect, this book provides food for thought, and a roadmap.

Firstly, we help the leadership to evaluate their management and their corporate culture by showing how they affect the 5 levels of innovation-capabilities.

Secondly, to innovate the way the organization innovates and performs, the leadership may have to innovate the way people think, behave, and act. To this effect, the Open Management Platform, the advocated innovative management-system, works as follows.

# To innovate the way people think, we focus the attention of the life-forces of the organization on creating value in the business with and for the stakeholders. Business-value is created on the enterprise’s strategic resource with emphasis on the intangible resources.

# To innovate the way people behave, we present an original organizational design that cultivates the collaborative management and helps the teams to network project-by–project.

# To innovate the way people act, we present the Model of the Two Rings, which integrates the 3 principal management-practices, i.e. the strategic deployment, the organizational deployment, and a novel performance evaluation system, which reviews and rewards performances with a balanced approach to the tangible and intangible resources.

Thirdly, we present the 5 steps of the program of management innovation. Driven by the Model of the Two Rings, it builds on the commitment, cooperation, and collective creativity of the life-forces of the organization. Its implementation is a collaborative experience so that "the innovative networking enterprise" becomes "the way we do things are done around here".

Innovate out of Crisis (Second Edition), CreateSpace, 2010

There can be no sustainable success without innovation, but there can be innovation without sustainable success. Management innovation is what makes the difference.

The World Economic Forum challenged the global leaders gathered at Davos 2010 to rethink, to redesign, and to reconstruct the economy. The business leaders should take a cue and rethink, redesign, and fittingly reconstruct their organization.

"Innovate out of Crisis" facilitates rethinking the organization by showing how to take a fresh look at the management and at critical issues by combining different approaches in order to gain a broader perspective.

This book facilitates redesigning the business by highlighting how business-value is created or destroyed by the interactions between the strategic resources, the management processes, and the significant stakeholders. Finally, "Innovate out of Crisis" deploys 3 best practices to help reconstruct the management.

Part One of this book presents a platform of management-innovation that integrates a set of original mind-maps that help the leadership to leverage identity, interactivity, intelligence, incentives, and innovation.

Part Two applies the advocated approaches to the management of evolutionary and revolutionary innovations, and it outlines the construct of a program of innovation of the management-system. * Senior managers and consultants will find in this book a set of mind-maps and methods that help them to opportunely rethink, to redesign, and to reconstruct the workings of their organization. As a result, management will be in a better position to excel in the creation of business-value *

Advanced MBAs can use this original textbook to gain an innovative perspective on strategic management, on organizational dynamics, and on management-innovation * Investors and financial analysts will find models and methods that enable a broader and better-balanced assessment of the competitive and profit potentials of companies


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