management's  INNOVATIveness 


on the Innovation of Management



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“Innovations drives waves of changes in the markets,

 and changes in the markets drive the new waves of innovation"

René Descartes, the French philosopher, observed that people often stop their thinking process before having reached its final destination.

So, I keep pushing myself real hard to take my original ideas as far as I can. I hope my work inspires other to take them much further.

I cordially invite senior professionals, consultants, academics and students to join in, and to contribute their thoughts to the principles and to the practices of management innovation.

  It's time to Innovate the Management!

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I am always interested in the work of others, and am also very interested in what others think about my work.

If you have an idea of a topic related to innovation, the management innovation, company transformation or any other idea, please contact me so we can discuss collaboration opportunities.

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What I can offer

Out of the box insights on management innovation and company transformation


02.An Integrated and detailed management methodology


03.A ready to use toolbox of original models and mind-maps

Collaboration with professionals

and the program to install it